Anonymous asked:

favorite m83 album?

Count Jake and the Lunacy Answer:

Before the dawn heals us. Teen Angst alone makes that album worthwhile

callmebrycelee asked:

TMI TUESDAY: American Horror Story Edition: 1) MURDER HOUSE: Believe in ghosts? 2) RUBBER MAN: Any kinks? 3) INFANTATA: Do you want kids? 4) KIT WALKER: Could you ever be in a relationship with more than one person? 5) BLOODY FACE: Fave horror villain? 6) LANA WINTER: Fave magazine/newspaper? 7) MISTY DAY: If you could bring back one deceased person for 24 hours, who would you choose? 8) MARIE LAVEAU: It's the Zombie Apocalypse, which weapon do you choose? 9) AXEMAN: Fave music genre? TAG ME!

Count Jake and the Lunacy Answer:

1. id  have to say yes  2. honestly pretty vanilla   3. yes, absolutely. i think id be a pretty rad dad.   4. no judgment against those who are but one person is hard enough    5. michael myers   6. gq is always good  7. probably my grandmother   8. axe   9. varies… anything but country mainly. #callmebrycelee